George Ross Elementary School

Date: 2011
Cost: $5,500,000

Lancaster, PA – Ross Elementary School will be substantially renovated with a new addition.  Total square footage is approximately 51,000.  Project includes substantial renovation of an existing 1930’s building facility totaling 41,000 with a new addition totaling 10,000 SF.  The budget was tight for this facility, therefore, the building structure renovations were selective.  The project is scheduled to be LEED silver.  Our responsibilities included the design and construction administration of the HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems.  The HVAC system is chilled beams, with Direct Outside Air System energy recovery units, high efficiency condensing boilers and a medium temperature concept air cooled chiller. This design concept implemented significant energy saving measures that will provide LEED points for indoor air quality, energy usage and potentially innovation in design.