Ace American Insurance

Date: 2005
Cost: $28,000,000

ACE American Insurance Corporate Headquarters, Philadelphia, PA – The ACE building consists of two distinct structures located at 436 Walnut Street in Philadelphia.  The north portion (The North Building) of the facility was constructed in 1924 is approximately 84,000 square foot with eight floors, a basement, sub-basement and a penthouse.  The south portion (The South Building) of the facility was constructed in 1974 is approximately 260,000 square foot, with twelve floors, a basement and a penthouse.  The combined square footage of both buildings is approximately 344,000 square foot.  Mark Ulrick Engineers Inc. was responsible for the complete MEP infrastructure design and construction administration.  Our work included provisions for 3000/4000KVA double-ended substation for an upgraded electrical service, provisions for a new primary-secondary chilled water piping systems by joining both building’s central plant and design of a central 120,000 CFM custom rooftop air handling unit system to serve the North Building.